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Cricket at Stanmer

(more from Frederick’s notebooks. Interesting passage on how cricket became a major past time at Stanmer. Also note how Frederick refers to Mr Francis as Frank. Despite the class difference real friendships did get made. Why Reuben wasn’t allowed to … Continue reading

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Retirement of Mr Frederick Jones

(I’m not sure what paper this was in, I only have the cut out newspaper article.) HALLAND Agent For This Paper:—Mr. J. Funnell. The yearly audit of the tenants on the Earl of Chichester’s Sussex estates was held on Friday … Continue reading

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The Pelhams

So my family worked for the Earls of Chichester for many years. Here are some of Frederick’s thoughts on them. The Pelhams were always splendid men physically and intellectually. Living under, and having the honour of serving four Earls of … Continue reading

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