Retirement of Mr Frederick Jones

(I’m not sure what paper this was in, I only have the cut out newspaper article.)


Agent For This Paper:—Mr. J. Funnell.
The yearly audit of the tenants on the Earl of Chichester’s Sussex estates was held on Friday last at the White Hart Hotel, Lewes. After the usual loyal toasts, his Lordship rose and spoke of the coming retirement of Mr. Jones, who for so many years had so ably filled the difficult task of pleasing both tenant and landlord. He spoke of the improvements he had made on the estate since he took over office 20 years ago, and of his service under his father and uncle. During that long time he had fulfilled those duties loyally and faithfully. His Lordship referred to his many all round qualifications he had for the post, and regretted that owing to the result of an operation Mr. Jones felt compelled to take a much-needed rest. I may say, gentlemen, continued his Lordship, that Mr. Jones will not totally sever his connection with the estate, for he is going to continue to act as my reeve to the Ripe, Bishopstone and Laughton Manor. In conclusion, his Lordship said he hoped that Mr. and Mrs. Jones would live long to enjoy many years of happiness in their retirement, which they so fully deserved.—Mr. F. G.Burroughes acknowledged the valuable services Mr. Jones had rendered to the estate, and of the great help he had been to him during the years ho had been acting for his Lordship. He fully confirmed all that the Earl of Chichester had said. and regretted that they must lose the services of so faithful, loyal, and upright a servant:—Mr. Jones said he desired to thank his Lordship and Mr. Burroughes for the generous words they had spoken of him. During the last twenty years it had been a pleasure, as well as a duty, to serve the Stanmer Estate as his father and grandfather had done before him. He had served under three Earls of Chichester, grand men, true noblemen. He could not but feel sorrow at resigning his duties, but age and infirmity compelled him to do so. He could only wish long life to the present Earl, and prosperity to the Stanmer Estate.

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2 Responses to Retirement of Mr Frederick Jones

  1. Heather Turner says:

    I would like to use this in a display about the family that i am trying to put together to go in stanmer church Would this be okay with you? Any other information would be most welcome. I only have outline information displayed at the present time. Many thanks.

  2. dacj40 says:

    I don’t have a problem with that. I can probably provide you with more than is here. I’d also be interested in any info you have and I don’t. It would be handy to be able to communicate by email rather than by these comments.

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