I have 11 years’ experience as a technical author, 6 of them managing documentation teams. It’s all a long way from his PhD in “Excretory-Secretory Products of Pentastomids” (the hosts were rattlesnakes!). As a documentation manager I have worked for Waters Corporation and Martin Dawes Sytsems (MDS). Having been made redundant in 2009 from MDS, I now find myself as the at numéro in Stockport. An active member of the ISTC I run the North West Area Group which meets regularly throughout the year, written a few articles for the ISTC Communicator magazine and spoken at TCUK conferences.

Outside work I’m a governor at two local schools, spend a lot of time in my gardens and I research my family history. I’ve also recently taken up Karate, following in the footsteps of one of my daughters who is now a Black Belt 1st Dan.

This blog has turned into more of a family history blog rather than anything else but I do still intend to span a few other subjects such as work, family and hobbies. I have a related blog devoted entirely to the writings of Margaret Shanks. I strongly recommend you visit it, she wrote better than I ever will.


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