Frederick Thomas Jones – 1865 -1896

Frederick Thomas Jones (b. 12/10/1865 d. 29/04/1896) was my Great Great Uncle. He was headmaster at East Hoathly Primary school and died relatively young. He succeeded his father as headmaster and following his death his younger brother became headmaster. Here is his obituary possibly from the East Sussex Gazette .

East Hoathly

The Late Mr F. T. Jones

The village of East Hoathly has been plunged into mourning by the death of it’s most popular inhabitants – Mr Frederick Thomas Jones, eldest son of Frederick Thomas JonesMr and Mrs F. Jones of Halland. The deceased was only 30 years of age, 20 of which had been spent in the village. For twelve years he was connected the schools, five years ago succeeding his father as headmaster. In February a severe attack of influenza was followed by tonsillitis. From this, however, he so far recovered as to attend the Teachers Conference at Brighton, but weakened by the previous illness he took a chill there. This brought on a complication of illnesses, and in spite of assiduous nursing and skilful medical attendance he passed away on Wednesday week, acute rheumatism  and pericarditis being the immediate cause of death. There was no local institution or association of any kind with which the late Mr Jones was not actively connected. He was choir master, an accomplished musician and a good singer, and no concert or operatic entertainment (for which this village is celebrated) was complete without hi cooperation. Campanology was many of his many hobbies, and under his tuition the bell ringers of East Hoathly were well advanced in the intricacies of change-ringing. The school which Mr Jones conducted most successfully was in a very high state of efficiency and always obtained the highest possible grants. At there meeting on Friday the school managers placed on record an expression of their high appreciation of his services, and the conviction that his good example and blameless life will have a lasting effect on all with whom he had come in contact. In addition with discharging his scholastic duties at East Hoathly, Mr Jones also conducted the drawing and wood carving classes at Uckfield in connection with the East Sussex County Council Technical Instruction Scheme. It was only natural that the funeral obsequies of so popular young man, – one was closely connected with the life of the village, and held in such high esteem – should have been an unprecedented character. On Monday, when the funeral took place, the whole village – rich and poor, old and young – turned out a last tribute of loving respect. The coffin, which was of oak with solid brass furniture, was bourne by members of the choir and bore on the plate the inscription:-

Frederick Thomas Jones
Age 30.
Died April 29th 1896.

The grave was lined with primroses, ivy, and forget-me-nots – the loving offerings of the little school children. The service was conducted by the Rector, the Rev. H. Harbord, and the curate, the Rev. W. Wilson. The chief mourners were Mr and Mrs F Jones (mother and Father), Mr E A Jones (only brother), Mrs Dale (Aunt), Mr Jude Jones (Uncle), Miss L Jones (Cousin). The church was filled to overflowing, and the whole service most impressively conducted. There were some 50 beautiful reefs, including the following:-

“From his loving mother father and brother;”
“From his loving uncle, aunt and cousins Lilly and Frank;”
“Captain Clemens, J.P.;”
“The Rev. and Mrs. Harbord;”
“The Rev. and Mrs. Wilson;”
“Dr. and Mrs. Holman;”
“Mr. Garrick;”
“Mr., Mrs., and Miss Gifkins;”
“Mr. and Mrs. F. Turner;”
“Mr. and Mrs. J. Turner;”
“Mr. and Mrs. Granger;”
“Mrs. and Langdon and members of Laughton carving class;”
“Tradesman and Farmers of East Hoathly;”
“Members of the Choir;”
“Members of Cricket Club;”
“The Bell Ringers;”
“Children of the Mixed School;”
“To the Dear Master from the little ones;”
“Mrs. Bath (Brighton), Miss Bellingham, Miss Wenham, Miss Wagon and many others. – On Sunday and Monday night muffled peals were rung. The deepest sympathy is felt for the bereaved relatives in their sad bereavement.

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