34 Years School Head (1930)

East Hoathly Retirement

Family Record Broken

E A  Jones and Family

E A Jones and Family

After nearly 34 years as headmaster of East Hoathly Schools, Mr Ernest Alexander Jones is retiring 30th April next, and his many friends will be glad to know that he does not intend to leave the village, where he has been for so long a popular and energetic figure. Mr Jones came to the school house nearly 60 years ago, when his father, Mr F. Jones, left Hellingly School an accepted the headship of East Hoathly. In 1887 he was  a candidate teacher, but preferring business life he went to Brighton and London. After a few years he won a Queen’s Scholarship and entered the York Diocesan College, where he qualified as a first class certified teacher, especially in the higher art subjects. In 1891 he was appointed assistant teacher in the Higher Grade and Model Schools connected with the Diocesan Training College, York, and five years later became headmaster of Crowborough White Hill Council Schools. While here his brother, Mr F. T. Jones , who had succeeded his father as head of East Hoathly Schools, died in 1896, and Mr Jones returned to East Hoathly at the managers request.

Referring to Mr Jones’ retirement at the church meeting, the Rector said that the school reports during Mr Jones’ term of office had invariably been of the highest kind, and the managers and staff had received the thanks of the East Sussex Education Committee. During that time 25 scholarships and free places had been won for secondary schools. Twice the gardening class had won the silver spade , and in cricket the boys had been runners up and winners of a silver shield.

Besides his official duties Mr Jones has devoted much time to village affairs, being a parish councillor, parochial church secretary, chairman of Carnival Society, treasurer of the British Legion, chairman of the East Hoathly Cottage Gardening Society, representative of the pension board since 1916 and a Governor of the Royal Sussex County Hospital, while in 1902 he was one of the headmasters appointed to serve on the Advisory Committee after the Education Act came into force.

Mr Jones has a good record in the field of sport. Hetook over the duties of choir master at the Parish Church from his brother, and has continued as such up to the present time. HE was played in the York City cricket eleven and for the Sussex Press Club, while for over 20 years he was captain of the village cricket club. In football he played in Yorkshire for seven seasons, both Rugby and association, and at one time in later years he kept goal for Uckfield, while he was the first secretary of the East Hoathly Football league, holding the position for six years.

For over 13 years  he was a sergeant in the Volunteers (Prince of Wales Own and Cinque Ports), being a platoon sergeant of the local force during the great war.

Mr Jones took over the duties of choirmaster  at the Parish Church from his brother, and has continued as such up to the present time. He was hon. secretary to the Diamond Jubilee and the Coronation festivities of both King Edward VII and King George V, as well as at the celebration on the homecoming of the local men from the Great War.

It is interesting to note that Mr Frederick Jones, Mr Jones’ father who is 88 years of age, has for over 20 years acted as correspondent to the schools. If he is spared for a few months there will be two retired headmasters (father and son) living in the village. Mrs E. A. Jones is a teacher at the schools. Mr E. A. Jones’ eldest son, Mr T. A Jones BSC., has followed in his fathers profession. There is however, no possibility that the long connection of the family with the East Hoathly Village Schools, which extends over a period of 60 years will continue, as owing to the re-organisation of schools it has been decided to appoint a headmistress at East Hoathly.

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