I have a quite a few postcards from from various family members from the early 1920s to the 1960s. I thought it would be quite interesting to scan them and transcribe them (if I can decipher them) and publish them here.

The one here was sent by my Grandfather Frederick William Jones in 1941 to his brother Tom and his wife Hilda, who had been moved from Ramsgate to Walton nr Stafford with the school that Tom was a master at. The school was Chatham House based in Ramsgate but they evacuated to Stafford and eventually (I believe) to Wales.

Fred with his wife Mary and my father visited them by train in early July 1941. My father, at just over two years of age, vaguely remembers this trip as being very long and smoky. They travelled from Lewes near Brighton so it would have a been a long journey for anyone.

The card itself is interesting because of the the picture of Winston Churchill, with a quote from one of his war time broadcasts where he himself was quoting Arthur Hugh Clough. The broadcast referred to is described here The arrangements described on the back are rather mundane.

This is a Tuck’s Postcard the company seems to have an interesting history. Though I can’t find any record of this postcard on the database of all their cards – maybe it is particularly rare.




Dear T & H

All being well we shall be arriving at Stafford at 5.20 on Saturday. The luggage has gone on in advance – today (Wed), so it should arrive before us.

Love from all


pc_winston_backHope Mrs Hobbs is getting on nicely. Glad that you haven’t ……. ( I can’t make out the last word)

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