Elusive Relatives

When you’re doing family history research there are some characters that just refuse give up their secrets without a lot of effort. One of these was Lewis Jones whom I have written about before. Another is Reuben Jones, mentioned in the previous post as a good cricketer, he refused to give up his secrets for a long time. As brother to my 2X Great Grandfather  and being blessed with memoirs that cover that period of history, you would think it would have been easy. However, it didn’t turn out that way, it seems there was an estrangement and little is ever mentioned of him. I reckon it has taken 15 years to uncover what I have and there is still more I would like to know.

Reuben was born in 1845 and he married Mary Miles in 1867 and they seem to have been happy for a few years appearing in the 1871 census as living in Falmer and working, like much of his family, as a carpenter.  In 1881 Reuben is in London Living with Mary working as a dairyman, but by 1883 he has a daughter, Amy Maud Jones, to another woman. This is probably what led to the estrangement. Mary ultimately dies which allows Reuben to remarry in 1886. He eventually marries Amy Constance Hoare after having a son, Richard James Jones, in 1885.

Reuben eventually dies in 1914, I suspect with  no further contact with his family in Sussex. Amy his daughter doesn’t appear to have married, but his son Richard marries a Florence Elizabeth Mary Lyons and had five children. Sadly this side of the family never reunite with  my side. Even at funerals there is no mention of them in obituaries as attending. Richard died in 1976 and in all likely hood his children are now dead but I would be intrigued to speak to any descendants and see if they have any more insight into the family split. I believe Richard and Florence’s children were:

  • William James Jones b 1909
  • Arthur Richard Jones b 1911
  • Constance Amy Jones b 1912
  • Leonard R Jones b 1914
  • Betty E Jones b 1916
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