Beverley – What is in a Name?

The mother and sister both have the middle name Beverley. It was a nice thing for them to share, and also because their first names begin with the same letter initials too (at least that was the case until my sister married). It wasn’t until I started researching my family history that I discovered there was a little more to the name Beverley. Something that the previous couple of generations had forgotten.

My 4th great grandfather Isaac Homewood married an Anne Beverley on the 9th May 1828 in Slaugham, Sussex. It is easy to see the connection, Beverley became a middle name because they did not want to loose it, after all it is a fairly common thing to do to use a mother’s maiden name a child’s middle name. There was already a tradition in the family at that time to use the word Stanbridge as a middle name from my 5th great grandfather George Homewood who married a Sarah Stanbridge. However, in my line Beverley seems to have missed a generation, as it is Richard Beverley Homewood (pictured here with his wife Anne (nee Germain and six of his eleven children)

Richard Beverley Homewood and Family

Richard Beverley Homewood and Family

who carried the name, my 2nd great grandfather. However, it is just not my line who have taken on this tradition, there are now several Homewood lines that have carried on the Beverley middle name tradition on either a male or female child. So I know if I meet a something Beverley Homewood we are almost certainly related. I wonder how many actually know the tradition goes back nearly 200 years?

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