The Building of Falmer Church

(Some notes from Frederick Jones’s memoirs on Falmer Church. Falmer is the nearest village to Stanmer. These days it is cut in half by the A27 dual carriageway, and I believe that there is now a football stadium there. I suspect Frederick would barely recognise the place, though to be fair on my one visit several years ago, the untouched parts of the village are still picturesque. Stanmer, however, has barely changed.)

Falmer church was rebuilt by the the liberal encouragement and aid of the Earl of Chichester on the foundations of the former one escaping about eight feet to the East and the addition of the tower to the west. The south front and entrance to the old church is now thrown into and giving a considerable space to the church yard. To defray the change of the building Lord Chichester engaged to pull down, rebuild and complete the present one on the agreement of the parish to pay £300, a part of which he also contributed for land held by himself in the parish of Falmer.

Falmer church
Falmer church

The above £300 was paid by special church rate i9n fourteen years. The first stone was laid by Henry Thomas Lord Pelham who was then eleven years old on May1st 1815 and was opened for divine service on Dec24th 1815. Richard Hart was the Church Warden and Revd Thomas Baker was the Vicar, he lived in Stanmer in the house where I passed my early days.

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