Caroline Jones (continued)

(Continuing on from yesterdays post, here is some more on Caroline Jones and her plight when her father died)

In the fifties her master remarried and and moved from New Hill to Falmer Court, being a tenant of the 3rd Earl. I remember two previous tenants of Falmer Court, Grifferrough (sic) and James Hudson.  The latter I had cause to know. While a little lad  I had got on a wall near the south end of Falmer pond, he caught be and devilishly thrashed me with a hunting whip tearing a pinafore from top to bottom. When Carrie first came to Falmer Court my father was repairing and altering the farm house. This was the first time he saw her and ever afterwards she was a favourite, he always had a kind word of greeting whenever they met. My wife was about fourteen years old when she came to Falmer. On Sundays she usually walked to Stanmer church, that beautiful little edifice nestled in the foliage of the Yews, beeches and Elms. In my early days  a magnificent grown Walnut overshadowed parts of the church yard, the south west winds during a violent gale laid this fine old monarch low.

Stanmer Church

Stanmer Church

Carrie always sat on a seat near the front and in front of the Pelham’s pew facing my patron the beautiful stately countess. She never quite enjoyed her position but one effect it had it brought her under the notice of the good Earl who was invaluably her friend and always expressed his great appreciation of her modesty and good behaviour. In one of his speeches on long servitude he particularly extolled her character for long service and she was awarded a certificate.

When an apprentice I played the organ at Stanmer and practised on the instrument in Falmer Church during the denser (sic)  hours. This resulted in my becoming acquainted in with my future wife, and after over fifty years experience I can feelingly say it was a lucky day for me when I first became engaged to her. She was especially fond of my father and he was passionately fond of her, and while I was at college was real comfort to him. He suffered from stone and had a long suffering time before he died on Aug 5th 1876. On of his great comforts was the nursing and devoted attention of my wife.

(Frederick obviously loved his wife, and it must have been a long seven years on his own when she died in 1924. Although he did have his son close by and two grandsons. My grandmother who married his grandson and namesake, remembered him as lovely old man., and it seems he was much loved and admired by the locals. His obituary on the front page of a local paper says a lot. Caroline’s mother remarried a William Wood and had and forever after was known as Grandmother wood, Mary, Fredericks mother was known as Grandmother birch)

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