Obituary of Caroline Jones

(Caroline Jones [nee Dale] 1841 – 1924, was the wife of Frederick Jones (his obituary is here) its nice to know she had a good write up too. I’m not sure of the paper this came from.)


Widespread sympathy was expressed in the neighbourhood of East Hoathly on Monday when it became known that an old and highly respected resident had passed away. This was Mrs. Caroline Jones, the wife of Mr. Frederick Jones, of Kirby Cottage. The end came rather suddenly, for Mrs. Jones, despite her83 years, had enjoyed fairly good health up to the previous Wednesday. On that day she had a seizure, but providentially her powers of speech and mental faculties were restored, and she was able to converse right up to the end. However, a heart attack followed on Friday night and although she rallied after this she gradually sank, eventually passing away as stated.She was married to Mr. Jones at Falmer church in 1864, and had she lived to the last day of this year they would have celebrated their diamond wedding;thus singularly she was within 23 days of this celebration, and was 23 years of age when she married. After her marriage she went to great Warley Common, in Essex, where Mr. Jones was headmaster at the East Indian Company School. From there they went to Hellingly, where Mrs. Jones was also headmaster. In 1870 they came to East Hoathly, where, with the exception of just over 12 months, Mr. Jones held the position of headmaster until 1890 .All this time Mrs. Jones assisted her husband in some of his duties, but during the period of their absence from East Hoathly, and while Mr. Jones was headmaster at the Ringmer Board School that had then been built, Mrs.Jones was in sole charge of the Infant school there. Thus allowing for this break, Mr. and Mrs. Jones have resided in East Hoathly for something over 50 years.It is interesting to note that Mr. E. A. Jones, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Jones, succeeded his father as headmaster at East Hoathly schools, and is still there, his wife also holding an appointment. Mrs. Jones was not a woman to seek the limelight, but all through her life she had been an active worker and took great interest in the welfare of the village, but was happy and satisfied to work behind the scenes. Her increasing years, however, curtailed to some extent her activities, but in no way diminished her interest. The funeral takes place tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon at East Hoathly, at 2.30.


Amid many signs of general regret the remains were laid to rest at East Hoathly Parish Church on Saturday afternoon of Mrs. Caroline Jones, whose death was reported in our last issued. The Rector (the Rev. J. F. Groves) officiated and was assisted by the Rev. A. Haire (Vicar of Laughton). The service was of a choral nature. During the assembly, Miss E. Wenham who was at the organ rendered “Cast thy burden upon the Lord” and “I know that my Redeemer liveth.” The cortège was met at the church gates by the Clergy,the Rector reading the sentences on the way to the church. Here the Psalm was chanted at the commencement of the service, after which the lesson was read by the Rev. A. Haire. The hymn “Hark, my soul, it is the Lord” and “I heard the voice of Jesus say,” were sung and at the conclusion of the service the organist played “O Rest in the Lord” while the congregation remained standing. As the procession left the church for the graveside,Miss Wenham rendered “How bright these glorious spirits shine.” The committal service was taken by the Rector. The chief mourners were Mr. Frederick Jones (widower), Mr. and Mrs. E. A.Jones (son and daughter-in-law), Mr. T. A. Jones and Mr. F. W. Jones (grandsons), Mr. F. Jones (nephew) Mr. A. Gifkins, Mrs. Durrant, Mrs.Thatcher and Mrs. Porter. Among those also present were the Earl of Chichester, the Dowager Lady Chichester, Mr. G. Crowhurst, Mr. and Mrs. J. Campbell-Johnstone, Mrs. Durrant-Grant, Mrs. groves, Mrs. Arthur Haire (Laughton) Mr. R. Hall, Mr. D.Kent, Mrs. W. G. Orchard, Mr. C. P. Ranger, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart (Halland)Lieut.-colonel L. C. F. Thompson, J.P., Mr. D. W. Trill, Mr. E.? Veness,Miss Wenham and Mr. D. Whitbourne, and Mr. R. H. Verrall, Miss Verrall and Miss E. A. Verrall of Heathfield (who were present at Mrs. Jones’ wedding 60years ago). There were some beautiful floral tributes, the inscriptions on which were as follows:- “In loving memory of the best of wives and mothers, from Fred.””In loving memory of a devoted mother and grandmother and an old friend.Alex and S? Tom and Fred and Mrs. Gifkins” “In loving memory of a dear aunt, from Frank and Lily” “To dear granny in loving memory till we meet, Freddie.” “In loving memory, from Nellie.””In remembrance of past kindness from Mr. and Mrs. Billenness.” “In affectionate remembrance and deep sympathy, Chichester” “With sincere sympathy and remembrance from Mr. and Mrs. G. Crowhurst and family.””With deep regret and sincere sympathy, Mr. and Mrs. J. Campbell-Johnstone, Whyly, East Hoathly.” “Mrs. Durrant-Grant, 287 Brockley-road, Brockley.” “With deep regret and ever affectionate remembrance of an old friend, from the East Hoathly Women’s Institute members.” “Fondest remembrance, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Head’s sincere sympathy, The Bank House, Bushey, Herts.” “With deepest sympathy, from Mr. and Mrs. Hunt and family” “In Kind remembrance and deepest sympathy, Mr. and Mrs. Percy G. Oakshott, Barham House, East Hoathly.”With deep sympathy and much regret, from Dr. and Mrs. Wilfrid Orchard, ParkLodge, East Hoathly.” “Much regret and sympathy from Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pelham, 1 Langdale-road, Hove.” “With deepest sympathy from Maurice Levy and Alfred Payne.” “With deep sympathy and respect, from Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Price.” “With sincere sympathy, from Mr. and Mrs. Rogers and family.” “With deepest sympathy, the Rector and Mrs. groves and family, East Hoathly Rectory.” “With sincere sympathy and kind remembrances, from Mr. and Mrs. Ranger and daughter.” “With deepest sympathy from Mr. and Mrs. Alex Stewart, Halland.” “With sincere sympathy, from the scholars of the East Hoathly School.” “With deepest sympathy from Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Trill and Mr. and Mrs. DavidTrill.” “In remembrance and in deepest sympathy from Mr. and Mrs. John Turner,Wallace, and Reg.”In loving and grateful memory of a lifelong friend, from E. H. and theMisses Verrall, Heathfield.” “With sincere sympathy from Miss Wenham, Miss Colebrook and Miss Giles.” The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. Hall and Son of East Hoathly.

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