An Eye for History

Jude Jones and his son Francis  were builders and carpenters on the Stanmer Estate for many years. The two of them are pictured here with Jude’s wife Elizabeth.

JudeJones and family

Both must have had an eye for history. A few years ago Stanmer House was being renovated, while removing some panelling in one of the rooms they found this:

Panel Piece from 1897

Panel Piece from 1897

The Panel reads:

These rooms were altered in the year 1897 by following craftsmen:
J Jones – Foreman

F Jones – Chippy
G Pitcher – Chippy
O Berry – Novice
J Walls – Bricky
W Penfold – Bricky
A Hobden – Bricky
T Baldy – Labourer

All the workmen who worked on the room recorded for posterity their names on the back of this panel. They must have been proud of their work to have done such a thing, and had an eye for history in recording the fact. Over 100 years later it was uncovered. They couldn’t have known that it would be found, but they must have hoped it would be. Historians working on the restoration actually managed to contact me. So I was invited down to Stanmer and was interviewed by the local BBC TV news programme. It was an interesting day.

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7 Responses to An Eye for History

  1. We found pennies in our larder wall from the builders in 1957. 🙂

  2. How cool! That’s a great find. Thanks so very much for stopping by my blog – I’ll have to check out more of your posts!

  3. How apposite that J.Walls was a Bricky.

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