East Hoathly’s Big Loss Death of Mr Frederick Jones

(From the front page of the Sussex County Herald May 29 1931)

Four old pupils of East Hoathly School acted as bearers at the funeral on Tuesday of Mr Frederick Jones, at the High-street, East Hoathly. He died on Thursday last week. at the age of 89 years, after a long illness. He was formerly headmaster of East Hoathly School, and his two sons subsequently held the same position, the services of father and sons in that capacity extending over a period of 60 years. The late Mr F. Jones was held in high esteem by a large circle of friends and he enjoyed the respect of all who received their education at the village school,

His Career

He was born in 1842 and spent 80 years of his life at East Hoathly. At the age of 15 years he was indentured for five years as a pupil teacher at the Falmer Schools, after which he gained a scholarship and proceeded to Highbury College.Two years later he left college and commenced his first duties as headmaster in the East India Company’s Old Schools at Great Warley, Essex. After a few years there, he accepted the post of headmaster of Hellingly School, and three yearslaterin 1870 he went to East Hoathly. He continued in that office until 1890, with the exception of two years as head teacher of the New Board Schools at Ringmer. Mr Jones gave up teaching in 1890 to become agent for the Earl of Chichester and he resided at Halland. This new sphere of life was greatly enjoyed, as it gave him the opportunity of using his knowledge of rural pursuits and building. As an architect, Mr Jones had special abilities as many houses in Laughton and East Hoathly still testify. As a boy he was very friendly with the Hon. Walter John Pelham, afterwards the Earl of Chichester, and the two often played cricket together.

He played the organ at the Halland Mission Room for 23 years, and prior to the erection of the organ at the Parish Church he played the harmonium for all services. Among the various offices he fulfilled during his long connection with the parish were Sunday School superintendent, choir-master, assistant overseer, highway surveyor and tax collector. He was a parish councillor from 1885 until March of this year when he retired, after being vice-chairman for many years. He had the distinction of being the first elected district councillor for East Hoathly and he held. similar office for the parish of Laughton. He was agent for three Earls of Chichester, school manager and correspondent for over 20 years, and a churchwarden. The lasttwo offices he held to the day of his death.

Mr Jones had rare artistic abilities and was a splendid carver both in wood and stone. He was also the writer of several papers on prints and mezzo-tints, and contributed articles to the Sussex County Magazine. His last Illustrated article was a Christmas Carol (with the music by the Rev. K.H. MacDermott) written at the age of 87 years.

On Mr Jones’s retirement as head-master he was soon followed by his eldest son. Mr F. T. Jones, who died in 1896, and was succeeded by the second son, Mr E. A. Jones, who held the post for 34 years and retired last year. Mrs F. Jones died in 1924, and Mr Jones is survived by Mr E. A. Jones, who like his father has always taken an active interest in the life of the village. On Sunday, at the Parish Church, the rector, the Rev. J. P. Groves, referred to the loss the church had sustained and paid a tribute to the late Mr Jones.

The Funeral

At the funeral at the Parish Church, a number of old scholars were present, and four acted as bearers. The service was conducted by the Rev. J. F.Groves (rector of East Hoathly), the Rev. A. Haire (vicar of Frainfield.) and the Rev. 0. Davies, of Selhurst, a former rector of East Hoathly. Mrs C.Hall was the organist, and she played “Funeral March” (Farmer), and “0 rest in the Lord ” (Mendelssohn). The hymns were ” How sweet the name of Jesus sounds ” and ” How bright those glorious spirits shine,” and as the coffin was borne from the church the Nunc Dimittis was chanted.

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