Sussex and the Jones Family’s Association

My Family has along association with Sussex. The Joneses in particular are associated with East Hoathly, Stanmer and Laughton.

East Hoathly Church

East Hoathly Church

My Great Grandfather (Earnest A Jones) was headmaster of the East Hoathly primary school for thirty-four years. In addition my great great Grandfather (Frederick Jones) was also headmaster for 20 years, but gave up teaching to become agent for the Earl of Chichester, with whom he had been a boyhood friend. In addition his other son my Great Great Uncle (Frederick T Jones) was also headmaster for 6 years.

My Families association with the Pelhams (Earls of Chichester) was long, with various members being Factors, estate builder, farm manager etc. for over 100 years on the Stanmer Estate outside Brighton, much of which is now part of the University of Sussex. The Stanmer Parish church is pictured below. Going back far enough there is also a long association with Laughton in Sussex where Jones’ have lived since around 1600. I suspect that many of these are actually ancestors of mine. My great great Grandfather’s father Tom was born  illegitimately in Laughton in 1810 to a Mary Jones, whose father John had a small holding of about 5 acres at Stonecross Laughton.

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