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Margaret Shanks was my great great Aunt. She wrote for the Scottish Farmer from 1893 to her death in 1925. I have just started another blog in which I intend to publish many of her columns. You can find it here:

This is her Obituary:

Readers of the Scottish Farmer throughout the world will learn with profound regret that “Margaret” (formerly “Gretchen”), the writer of our ” household ” column, has passed away. Miss Shanks had been confincd to a nursing cstablishment sincc October last. She under went a serious operation, but recovery appeared to be slow. A few weeks ago she resumed the work in which she delighted, the articles from her pen showing intellectual power undiminished. It appears however that in the course of doing that work, she had contracted a chill, and in a postcard received from hcr no later than Friday, 27th ult, she spoke…

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