Sergeant Arthur James Pegler

Arthur Pegler

Sergeant Arthur JamesPegler 1892 - 1916

Arthur James Pegler would have been my Great Uncle (handsome fellow wasn’t he). My Grandmother’s big brother he was a good few years older than her, Arthur was 24 when he died on the Somme. She would have only been 4 in 1912, when the first of the letters was sent and only 8 in 1916. My grandmother died in 1999 and I don’t think any member of my family was aware that she still had these letters.  That she kept them for over 80 years probably says something of the loss she and the rest of her family felt. What little I know of him is now on this blog.

What do the letters tell us? Well, from my possibly naive stance, that Arthur was more concerned about is family than himself. Reading the last of his letters certainly gives that impression.  As part of the original British Expeditionary Force he had been in France for nearly 18 months and at the end of 1915 he had probably seen just about everything. That he starts his letter with “I hope Mother you do not worry” says it all. I suspect that he had already resigned himself to his fate, suspecting it would only be a matter of time. Nevertheless he kept going for another nine months until he became one of the 420,000 British casualties on the Somme.

Arthur is buried at Peronne Road Cemetry, Maricourt. His details are in this PDF: Arthur James Pegler which can be downloaded from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

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10 Responses to Sergeant Arthur James Pegler

  1. Do you have any information on who Arthur James’ grandparents were? I collect English Peglers and my records don’t go back before Arthur’s father, Arthur Pegler.

  2. Follow up on looking at my database again: What were Arthur’s brothers and sisters names? I have a James & Elizabeth Pegler with children Arthur born 1892 in the London area, Bert, Lily, William and Mabel all born in the Bristol area. James’ mother was Charlotte, widowed by 1881. They were living in Cam, not too far from Stroud.

    Elizabeth was from Ireland.

    Could this be your family? If so, let me know and I’ll do some combining of people in my database and see if I can get you further back.

    • dacj40 says:

      It’s the same family. You don’t have my grandmother Winifred Mary Pegler b 1908 d 1999, or my Aunt Edith Charlotte Pegler b 1904 d 1993. I can ask some questions around the family to see I can get any more detail, won’t be that easy as there aren’t still alive who will remember so it will be second hand.

  3. I think that I have it. You might want to check the relevant marriage records and the Cam records.

    Here’s the family tree on ancestry:

  4. dacj40 says:

    I don’t seem to be able to see that tree, I’m dave5694 on ancestry.

  5. Hmm – I can see it, but it’s my tree. Search for your Arthur James died 1916. The name of the tree it’s on is English Peglers.

  6. dacj40 says:

    I found the tree but still don’t have access, I don’t currently pay a subscription which might explain it.

  7. That does explain it. Do you have an email where I can send you an attachment on what I have?

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