Arthur Pegler – France 6/12/15

My Dear Mother

I hope Mother you do not worry or take any notice of not hearing from me often. As it is rather awkward and not getting much time to myself to write and when you do do not feel like writing. Things are a monotonous as not in action, and we get a lot of trouble with horses, having bad weather. Well  how are you and Dad hope he is not having a bad winter with his chest, and Mary and all the rest. How is Bert managing about this last round up. I should like to be on leave to see a few people I know going up it will be quite a shock for some of them.

Well Mother shall not be home for Christmas no possible chance, have to make best of it, when you send your pudding, it must be posted before 13th Dec otherwise it will not get here. I have not received those gloves  from Queenie she has got to buck up.

Tell Bert I should like to have a letter, let me know all the news. I received the papers quite safe. Well there is no more news at present Sunday evening and raining hard, have to to walk to H Quarters for orders so must close and get a move. Hoping to have a letter soon one from Dad. Love to all and tell Mary to buck up.

Your Loving Son


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