Arthur Pegler – 14/8/1916 – Somme

Dear Madam

I trust you will pardon the liberty I am taking in writing to you. It is with great regret that I have to inform your brothers death on 7th August 1916. He was killed and buried at the BRIGQUETTREE.

All letters and parcels I have returned by the usual channels owing to the fact his address was not to be had, and it was only with some difficulty a letter address Mrs Pegler No5 Falmouth Road to which address several letters of sympathy have been addressed by officers in his regiment.

I destroyed all new papers addressed to your brother and by accident came across the letter I am returning.

If there is any information you desire regarding your brother I will be pleased at any time to answer your questions.

Arthur was a very great friend of mine having joined practically the same time and I personally mourn his death. He is well known by my own people who render their sympathy

Yours Respectfully

Alec E Jones Soms (?)

Orderly room 4 DG

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