Arthur Pegler abt 1912

Cpl Pegler

A Sqdn
4th Dragoon Guards
Assaye Barracks

Dear Sister

Sorry I have not wrote before but have been rather busy since I arrived back. I sent the picture I spoke about. I expect it will be there by the time you receive this there is nothing to pay in case before I left. We have been in troop training since I left, a little bit different than furlough taking a class of men there is a horse parade Review tomorrow wish I was on furlough. My chum arrived back the same day as me fed up as we shall be for a bit. “Well” I could tell you a lot but as it they asked for anything. Now Queenie I hope you have put my clothes away all right as I expect to make  surprise visit near Christmas, when I hope to make you a nice present for you trouble.

You must apologise to Bert for me as I did not wish him good bye is bout the first chance I have had to-day. I will leave it to later on hoping Dad and Mother are all in good health as it leaves me.

I remain your loving brother


P.S. Remember me to Herb.

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3 Responses to Arthur Pegler abt 1912

  1. Do you have any history of your Arthur Pegler? I collect English Peglers and their far-flung descendants around the world. My gr grandfather was also named Arthur. He was born in 1873, I believe, and came to the States around 1890. The family was from Stroud and Kings Stanley in Gloucestershire.

    • dacj40 says:

      Not too much, I have a few more letters which will go up over the next few days and then I intend to put it all into context which will include all I know. He was from Bristol (not very far from Gloucestershire) so there could be a connection.

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