Sgt Major Edward Tomney

Edward Tomney

Edward Tomney

Another Great Great Grandfather. Here’s a newspaper article filed at the time of Edward’s death. What it doesn’t mention is that he was apparently one of the founders of Torquay United Football club.

In his 84th year, Sergt-Major E.S.Tomney, of the King’s Body Guard, who’s alert and vigorous figure was to be seen daily in the streets, has been removed by death.

This splendid veteran of bye-gone wars was for about 21 years Chairman of the Torquay Navy and Army Veterans’ Association and to his comrades, as well as many hundreds of the youth of the town to whom he imparted all his excellent knowledge of physical training at various gymnasiums, news of his death came as a great shock.


Born on January 14 1849, Sergt-Major Tomney had a distinguished military career. He joined the Army on January 15, 1863, as a trooper in the 14th King’s Hussars, in which regiment he served until 1875, when he was transferred to the 2nd Life Guards. He remained in this celebrated regiment until 1883 and was then appointed to the Permanent Staff of the Royal 1st Devon Yeomanry Cavalry on December 1st 1883. He was discharged on pension on October 1st 1895 but rejoined as Trumpet Sergt-Major on March 3rd 1896. On March 3rd 1908 he was discharged under the age clause, having been honoured with the appointment to the Queen’s Body Guard of the Yeoman of the Guard on January 5th 1899. He had been previously recommended for the Meritorious Service Medal by General Sir Forestier Walker on September 11th 1895. He also served in Egypt in the Household Cavalry Combined Squadron in 1882. On the outbreak of the Great War he was appointed Ward Master of the Military Hospital, Town Hall, Torquay on October 14th 1914 and discharged on April 1st 1918.

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