Lewis Stevens Jones

Lewis Stevens JonesI’ve written previously about Jude Jones. One of his sons was Lewis. Apart from entries in the 1871 and 1881 censuses I knew nothing about him until fairly recently. And that isn’t for want of trying. I have been at this genealogy lark for 12 years now!

Much of what I now know is thanks to a comment left on my post about Jude by Sue Craig, this has led me to discover he had a daughter Norah Elizabeth Jones who I might have even have met when I was two. He also had a son of whom I don’t even have a name yet. He joined the Royal Navy at age 22 and later emigrated to Canada and Transferred to the Canadian navy and became a commissioned engineer. Retiring in 1938 he died in Duncan British Columbia in 1946.

Sue was able to tell me enough (and also supply with some pictures) to find his Royal Naval service records. With confirmation he went to Canada I was able to find a record of death and from there was able to contact the Cowichan Valley Museum and Archives  from where I am now awaiting a copies of his, his daughter’s and son-in-law’s obituaries.

After so many years of trying to find out more I suddenly have a flood of information. As far as I know Norah had no children so unless the unnamed son had children there are no living relatives.  So it has may be led to a dead end, but it is nice to track down the histories of the descendants of my GGG grandfather Thomas Jones and his mother Mary.

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3 Responses to Lewis Stevens Jones

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  2. jennifer maskell says:

    Hi just been checking for a marriage for lewis and the son he had we have a son called fred lewis born about 1902 in portsea.he married a marianna Warren dont know if you have the info she was born in cosgrove bucks

  3. dacj40 says:

    Yea I have that thanks. I have Fred Lewis and a Stanley George, but haven’t got that much further yet. Are you on ancestry? If so I can give you access to my tree.

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