TCUK Quick Overview

So I’ve left it a couple of days, what were the main themes of the conference? Content Strategy and of course e-learning were very big. Unfortunarely I missed Roger Hart’s talk but from what I hear it was good and I wish I had been there. The problem with concurrent sessions you can’t be at everything.

The most enjoyable talk I was at was Glyn Turk’s on Cultural Awareness, where we were related to tales of problems and misunderstandings that happen when cultures collide. Many of his stories were funny others made you think. I do now wonder how many people I have managed to offend over the years. So to all my ex American colleagues at Waters, I am sorry! And also to the Irish, French, Chinese, Japaness etc etc :).

Ellis Pratt made me think with his talk on Technical Communcation as an emotional experience. I was determined not to be convinced and went in very cynical about the whole concept, but he did get me thinking and I may have to reluctantly admit he has a point.

Looking at all the weary faces on the Thursday morning I’m kind of glad I didn’t bother with the Gala dinner. I wasn’t staying at the hotel I was staying at my sister’s and it was nice to spend time with her and her family, which these days I find far more preferable than drinking far to much and going to bed far to late.

Overall the conference was, again, excellent and I am already looking forward to next year’s. The numbers have been increasing year on year and as word gets round what an excellent conference it is I’m sure they’ll continue to climb.

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