TCUK Turning into a Thought Provoking Conference

So the first ‘proper’ day of the TCUK conference at the Oxford Belfry Hotel has been very thought provoking. The two keynote speakers David Black of Nokia and Julian Murfitt of Mekon particularly so. I can’t say that I agreed with everything they said but it is nice to have ones beliefs challenged once in a while. It has to be healthy for technical communication in general to be questioning some our basic tenets. Talking to people after David Black’s talk many were pleased that he had come out and said DITA was in need of some industrial strength tools. I was also pleased to hear Julian distinguish between web content strategy and other types. Too many people are concentrating far too much on the web and not enough on other forms of delivery.

David and Julian were the two bookends to the day. I was spoilt for choice with the talks between but settled to see Chris Atherton’s talk. Always an engaging speaker, I think all who attended left with plenty to think about. I wanted to learn more about SCORM and did so at Zoe Rose’s talk. I had my doubts about technical communication as an emotional experience but Ellis Pratt convinced a very cynical me that it could be. And finally I’m always wanting to learn more about localisation and Jill Fifoot gave a very informative talk on Terminology.

I did opt out of one session. Not because there wasn’t anything that interested me, but because I wanted to talk to some of the vendors in the exhibition and it is just easier when everyone else is in the sessions.

So I’m looking forward to tomorrow. The conference gets better year on year and it is good to see that the organisers, once again, have been rewarded by an increase in attendance.

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