Author-it Workshop

I’ll be doing a Author-it workshop at TCUK 2010 on the 21st September. I now have the content sorted out, all I have to do know is make sure my delivery is up to scratch. It has taken longer than I envisaged mainly because the setup of various databases that I’ll be working from has been tricky.

Author-it is a content management system that enables me to manage all the content for all the user guides, help files, KB articles, training material etc etc for numero the company that I work for. Of course normally I work in one database and it grows and develops overtime. However, creating workshop material has meant I have had to work in several databases that have to be at a certain stage in their development, so participants can use them and follow what I will show them. This has all taken far longer than I initially thought.

The workshop will be based around initially creating a user guide and then working the whole process of writing it into your development lifcycle. Author-it allows you do this with the use of variable, variants, versions, release states and publishing profiles. It really is very flexible and allows me as a sole technical author to keep up with a rapidly changing developement life cycle delivering content on time to tight deadlines while at the same time increasing the scope and depth of the documents I produce.

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