Jude Jones Carpenter and Estate Builder

Jude Jones was my great great great uncle. Born in 1843 he was my great great grandfather Frederick Jones’s younger brother.  Frederick Jones wrote two note books about his life and so I know a little bit about my family. At one time or another they all worked on the Stanmer Estate near Brighton Sussex, and over time I will probably write about various bits of their life. However on this post I thought I would write about Jude Jones because he has been a forefont of mind recently due to his involvement with Stanmer church and a few inconsistencies I have uncovered on a couple of web sites.

Jude Jones was a carpenter and estate builder. If you search his name and stanmer online you’ll find he’s mentioned on the wikipedia entry for stanmer church http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanmer_Church. He was responsible for all the wooden carvings made in the church. I would strongly recommend people go and see them. The article also mentions his son Francis who apparently designed the doors in 1965 which is quite a feat considering he died in 1937! The entry has been corrected now and 1965 has been removed, however it is still incorrectly stated on http://www.sussexparishchurches.org/content/view/316/34/ wonder whether the mistake is copied from wikipedia the other way round, or has it come from somewhere else. There is no citation so I can only guess.  I shall have to contact the site owner and let him know. I have already been able to help out on other matters related to my family. The mistake was understandable with a surname like Jones. Jude’s father was Thomas Jones, who had also been estate builder, but quite understandably the site had Thomas’s father as a Samuel Jones whom Thomas was living with in 1841. I believe Samuel was actually his uncle.  He probably never knew his real father. Thomas was illegitimate. But that is another story.

I suppose the point of this blog is how easy it is to get things wrong on minor historical figures who don’t appear in the records to often, but you shouldn’t rely on facts you find online unless you can confirm them in some way. For example, some independent research would easily have confirmed that Francis died in 1937. He is buried in the churchyard at Stanmer afterall.

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5 Responses to Jude Jones Carpenter and Estate Builder

  1. sue craig says:

    I have come across a couple of photographs in the Stanmer archive with handwritten comments on the back signed by Norah E. Jones Jeffrey. She writes that her grandfather was Jude Jones who lived in the Rectory at Stanmer until it burned down in October 1940. She says her ‘Uncle Frank’ Jude Jones was a carpenter at Stanmer and that her father was L.S.Jones C.E.R.A. and there is a photograph showing him in naval uniform with a note that he died on 24 August 1946.
    Is any of this of interest to you and do you know any more of Norah?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Best wishes.
    Sue Craig

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  4. dacj40 says:

    The Sussex parish churches link is still wrong however more accurate info and an acknowledgement to me is found here http://www.sussexparishchurches.org/content/view/328/40.

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